What makes me passionate about the design and marketing industry, is the excitement and ambition in the clients and companies I work with. Working with these talented people has inspired my wide-eyed creativity and thoughtful craftsmanship.

 A little bit of history

My career can be traced back to as early as my high school days when I was searching for an “elective class” to take. That one class spawned my interest in the advertising field, and I have been hooked ever since. It led me to Washington State where I majored in Fine Arts and was the design manager for the advertising department. During the summers I took jobs in sign shops, looking for any excuse I could to hop onto a computer. My time at WAZZU gave me the tools to get an internship with Brandhammer Ad Agency in Seattle and then my first job as a production artist with The Color Group, Inc. My career has also included time at a non-profit as the Senior Graphic Designer, and Lead Web Designer at Bartell Drugs.

My career as Lead Web Designer with Bartell’s has given me the opportunity to apply my skill set towards bringing a whole new set of tools to the company, as well as their customers. I have had the opportunity to manage, plan and execute production of their first mobile app, launch a new website that will give users more features for shopping and pharmaceutical transactions than they ever had before, and develop an email program which boosted the user database from 18,000, to over 140,000, as well as a new responsive design that helped retain our ever growing mobile user numbers.

I have taken every opportunity I could to learn a different aspect of the advertising field to give myself the tools to be the most versatile designer I can. As my career has progressed I have found myself really enjoying the creative planning and problem solving that comes along with creating an effective campaign.